“Commercially local or fringe theatre is very fragile. At this time, the community needs to rally round to keep the lights on. Its important”


Play your part

Local arts supporters can turn some of their household arts budget in attending cancelled productions to donate urgently to combat the financial impact of COVID-19 on local theatres and production companies. Please help us distribute urgent funding and keep the lights on.

Disadvantaged audience members in particular will need whatever positivity they can to overcome the impact COVID-19 will have on family life. Performers, venues and societies have had their lifeblood taken away.

Societies, Venues and Education organisations who engage with the campaign may now register for a Direct or a General grants. You cannot apply for both.

Performers, artists, creatives and others can still play a vital role in promoting the campaign

A Direct Grant is awarded to any society or venue registering for a bespoke fundraising campaign relevant only to their particular society or venue. We will provide you with the tool kit urgently to promote on your social media.

You will receive a grant from Lights Up at the end of the campaign when theatres are allowed open again.

The campaign takes the form of a social media promotion of your specific SMS Short Code from which you will receive 100% of the net proceeds


A General Grant will be made to societies or venues from our general funds resulting from the campaign who actively participate in it, but who do not want a specific or bespoke campaign.

You will be allocated a discretionary share of the overall grant at the end of the campaign when theatres open again, based on the overall success of the campaign. For some societies for venues, this may be larger than otherwise might be available from the Direct Grant Scheme.

We will provide you with the tool kit urgently to begin promoting the campaign


Industry supporters and professionals can show their support by promoting the campaign to keep the lights on in becoming Ambassadors for Lights Up.

The result will be a boost to the General Grant Scheme where we will distribute directly to grass roots societies and venues.

You will need to sign up as an Ambassador and use our social media toolkit to begin promoting the campaign



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